Companies are continually faced with real and potential risks, arising from external and internal contexts, regarding operations, processes, products and services, and staff activity.

In the Italian legislation, the introduction of the new Article 2086 of the Civil Code prescribes the obligation to adapt the administrative and accounting organisational structures for the purpose of the timely detection of the crisis and the continuity of the company.


In partnership with specialised accountancy firms, we support the client in the updates required by Article 2086 of the Italian Civil Code.

In particular, we take care of adapting the dynamic-functional and static-structural frameworks of the organisation.

We support the customer with a risk identification, assessment and control system capable of anticipating and mitigating the threats that can jeopardise the solidity, profitability and operations of the company, thus ensuring business sustainability, better governance and efficiency of operations and a secure executive responsibility profile.

With operational risk management, we take an integrated approach, operating on three fronts:

  1. strategic risk, in relation to the evolution of the competitive landscape
  2. corporate risk, in relation to asset protection, governance and regulatory compliance
  3. management/operational risk, in relation to the management of operations, activities, projects and orders

In detail, we are able to:

  • setting up a proper arrangement of competences, powers and responsibilities
  • ensure an updated system for the analysis of risks and their impact and mitigation
  • enhance the ability to make timely decisions based on clear scenarios
    anticipate and interpret deviations in key indicators from the corporate plan, business plan and project
  • optimise action according to priorities and the allocation of resources
  • foster the growth of a sustainable risk culture at all levels of the organisation