In this phase of rapid market transformation and reduction of effective analysis and response times – seen, for example, in the impacts of the digital revolution – sales and customer relations management are crucial challenges that require expert data collection and interpretation skills.

For us, business planning means increasing sales results.


We support the customer with specific targeted interventions:

  • Sales network structure design (sizing, type and organisation)
  • Definition and setting of goals with evaluation of performance (KPI) and implementation of the incentive system
  • Management and training of sales staff
  • Implementation of a complete approach to partnership and KAM (Key Account Management) in view of the strategic customer relations development cycle
  • Analysis, measurement and management of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) processes to stimulate marketing and sales activities
  • Analysis and assessment of the customer experience through CEM (Customer Experience Management) in order to create the best customer journey and optimise the service and the value proposition of the offer
  • Marketing campaign design