In a workinggroup, the ability to integrate, the value of collective results, the quality of people's satisfaction, the appreciation of differences, are all factors dependant on a specific "group competence" which, among other things, is closely linked to the level of maturity of internal leadership.


We foster this competence, giving attention to the opportunities for a positive exploration of confrontation. That is the main path to generate shared responsibilities, creativity, and a will to collaborate and compete fairly.


We offer most appropriate of the following tools for existing groups, cross-functional, ad hoc groups, or groups still at their initial stage.

Action Learning - An inter-functional problem-solving process of innovation and transformative learning created around a real task/project, for talents and key people.

Team coaching - A path of group supervision aimed at analysing critical work experiences and acquiring shared strategies (negotiation, problem solving, decision making, leadership, etc).

Team Development - Used within an assessment process, it is a laboratory of customised training, that we design tailor-made for specific workgroups or professional families.

Simulated action group (outdoor and indoor) - An event designed as an effective organisational metaphor, to give the group learning experiences of particular emotional impact.