Dagen H (Giorno H): è la fotografia storica effettuata in Svezia il 3 settembre 1967, quando la circolazione stradale cambiò senso di marcia.

Day H, historical photograph taken in Sweden on 3 September 1967, when the traffic switched sides of the road


Beyond daily change, caused by the continuous flow of activities in the company, we understand organisational change as a targeted intervention or a series of planned actions oriented towards a goal of general transformation.


To stimulate maximum individual mobilisation, we encourage the active participation of everyone involved and see management of the relational aspect as a priority sphere of action.

Our approach is divided into the following three phases.

  1. Analysis of the organisation, the climate and the culture, with which we measure the consistency between the corporate mission and the operation, culture, common values and internal climate, in order to decide on goals for change with the customer.
  2. Designing the content of the required changes.
  3. Operational implementation of the change process required and decided on, with workshops for launching, support and listening, group and individual development actions, and training activities.


  • Organisational aspects: roles, structures, organisation charts and function charts
  • Methods: processes, knowledge management, digitisation
  • People: climate, management and development policies, competencies
  • Organisational culture: relationships, communication, leadership


  • We facilitate knowledge and sharing of objectives
  • We seek the conditions to build mutual trust at all levels
  • We maintain relationships, between and within teams
  • We recognise resistances and solicit new motivations