Planning and control activities are key to achieving a rapid increase in management efficiency and effectiveness.


Through a flexible and adequate approach to the complexity of the organisation, we help the customer implement a planning and control system that starts with the setting of goals and ends with the assessment of their achievement.

The aim is to monitor the progress of company management and determine how significant improvements can be made, including through the introduction of new technologies and agile methodologies.

More specifically, we design and implement a process organised as follows:

  • Planning of strategy and medium and long-term goals, through a multi-year prospective study
  • Operational planning, with the definition of tactical goals with short and very short-term results, and implementation of the respective operational action plans
  • Budgeting, with formulation of budgets linked to specific operational plans
  • Execution and implementation of the operational plans
  • Measurement of process performance and results, through the acquisition of data on key performance indicators
  • Reporting and control, through the assessment and comparison of actual results with the goals planned at various levels, in order to pinpoint deviations and their causes