Dagen H (Giorno H): è la fotografia storica effettuata in Svezia il 3 settembre 1967, quando la circolazione stradale cambiò senso di marcia.


Experience has taught us that when companies choose their own strategic perspectives with determination, they achieve significant and lasting results, which makes all the difference with the competition.

The right strategy determines the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the business results, starting from a clear knowledge of the company’s DNA, the competitive context and the market trends.


We employ a “bottom-up and top-down” approach to help the customer anticipate changes and develop their own sustainable direction, in proportion to the resources, skills and value proposition offered.

We work on formulating the strategic analysis and resulting plan, to be followed up to its tactical and operational application in the medium and short term.

We assist the organisation’s staff with putting the strategy into action and support the implementation of the strategic plan, until the agreed goals are achieved.