The business model sums up the organisational and market action choices made by a company in order to create value.

In this sense, it is a direct application of the strategy: the definition of the business model allows essential decisions to be made in terms of the allocation of resources and the level of risk.



Once we have identified the current and potential market opportunities, we support the customer in the design and/or innovation of their business model, through a consulting process based on four central questions.

  1. Given the current and foreseeable competitive context, which organisational changes and changes in market relations allow for new opportunities?
  2. What kind of innovative operating model (in terms of products and/or processes, industrial and financial solutions, marketing actions, raw material and supplier management, etc.) needs to be developed to achieve the expected results?
  3. How can we monitor operations in order to achieve continuous improvement?
  4. What choices can be made regarding the management of staff and the development of knowledge in order to facilitate maximum learning and innovation?