In recent years, we have explored new training topics and goals geared towards to the emerging complexity of organisations and the professional challenges of this phase.


In an evolution that has also covered intervention methods, we have tried out new training practices offered by digital technologies (platforms, apps, digital workplaces, etc.), taking advantage of the possibility through virtual reality to redesign the spaces, places and times of learning (blended learning, self-training, smart learning, etc.).

Through daily confrontation with these opportunities, we have developed our research in three main directions.

  1. The connection between individual learning and concrete solutions to the organisation’s problems/goals.
  2. The connection between engagement in the organisation’s challenges and the possibility of personal growth/development.
  3. The connection between developing autonomy/responsibility and increasing the quality of the contribution.


Some recent training themes:

  • Organisational complexity and systemic problem solving
  • "Being a coach" for the growth of your collaborators
  • Smart leadership at the service of the team
  • Agile project planning
  • "Communicating with others to be understood," in your company
  • Integrative relationship management with important clients